Wednesday, October 27, 2010

In Concept

Having A LOT of fun this evening just creating, creating, creating!!!! The first picture is the sweet face of my pierrot clown for Pfatt Marketplace in November (just behind the clown head is my day of the dead skull head which won't be ready until after Halloween--oh well!!!). The second pic is of a mask I created for a pumpkin carving contest I am entering on Friday. My special elf helpers spray~painted the pumpkin black and I will be placing the mask inside a carved out portion of the pumpkin once it's done. Hopefully I haven't taken on too much of an ambitious project. Just carving out the top of a pumpkin is a challenge for me!! I placed the tools on either side of the mask to make sure it will have the correct curve to be placed inside the cutout of the pumpkin. Whew!

I will post pictures of the contest Friday night.

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