Sunday, March 30, 2008

An Enchanted Week

This week is so special to me. After a really long wait, I'm attending "Pfatt Pfest" in San Francisco and will be meeting and rubbing elbows with some really talented people.

In addition to packing, I've been trying to finish up some projects in my VERY messy studio. Unfortunately, I'll probably only get to finish one before my trip.

I'll be back next week to share stories and pics.


Sam I Am said...

whoohooooo!!! i can't wait!!!! :) :)

love the music playing :)

Kat449 said...

Have a WONDERFUL time...I ADORE San Fran...I lived there for 4 months years ago and cried all the way home!
I cant wait to see and hear all about it. you sooo deserve it. Hugs, Kat

CCs Whimsies said...

You are the sweetest Newbie ever!!! Hurry up and post those pictures, sister! Love and miss ya! Christy