Monday, November 12, 2007

I spent all this weekend (well, besides a play date for Jillian and an evening with friends)working on some new creations and finishing up a few. Unfortunately, I'll be chained to my secular job desk until 8:30 tonight so won't have any time this evening to list but I will try to get a few items on EBay by Wednesday.
My latest is Santa (see pic below). I think the background I used was a little too dark but he's got so much detail. I loved making his beard.

My studio is an absolute mess but the creative energy is flowing! Thank the Muse! I don't want to upset her too much so I promise to work a little tonight and tomorrow night when I get home.

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coconutannies said...

I love the way that beautiful/sad dolly looks in your work area! I came over to see if we could swap bloggies! I'm PFATT like you! LOL
Come check me out at:
I'm adding you now!
Hugs, Laura