Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Is it Halloween ALREADY?????

I can't believe Halloween is here. My orange paint and thread is almost gone and I think I've done a good job this particular season--I've never made so many dolls in such a short time. It's been so fun but I don't think I can stop already. Oh I'll make angels and stuff but I'm gonna have to slip a Halloween creature in there once in a while.

I just made this little guy for a special friend at work who always brings me packing popcorn from all her purchases. Boy does she save me a bundle. It also happens to be her birthday tomorrow so I hope she likes him.

I've got some Christmas gothic dolls I'm working on at the moment and can't wait to see how they turn out.

Mark and Jillian have been sick with the flu and so far I've only been a little under the weather. Keeping my fingers crossed that it stays that way (you know, versus getting worse). Y'all get your flu shots, ya hear!!

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