Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Who are you Inspired by?????

Facebook is really all the rage right now (and will be until the next great idea comes along) but I miss the blogging days. I just feel like you can have more fun with blog pages, make them look more personalized--just my opinion. Honestly, even though I feel that way, I spend way more time on Facebook these days and less and less on my lonely little blog....... So I just stopped in to say hello to my blog and anyone out there who may be watching. Hello Blog. Hello......

I've decided to start dabbling on canvas and see what I can come up with. Since my strength (if you can call it that) is sculpting and painting three dimensional art, not painting on a flat surface, I decided to incorporate the two creating a partially three dimensional subject on canvas.

Hopefully I won't get too many laughs. But it certainly was fun getting to create with yet another medium. I have a true appreciation and deep regard for anyone who can paint. My all time favorites are (1) my mother (who I have told a thousand times needs to share her art but continues to only share with her family-that's okay Mom), (2) Joyce Stahl of Enchanted Productions, (3) Lori Davis of The Vintage Palette and (4) Danita of Danita Art. I am inspired by all these great painters.

Who are you inspired by????

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Anonymous said...

Well, your work is pretty inspiring for one!! I'm sort of the opposite though, I'm more comfortable in 2 dimensions and I'm only now starting to venture into 3D art. This combination piece is wonderful! Luv your design and color sense. You should do more of these little "experiments!" Take care.