Saturday, February 2, 2008

Cupid's Faery ~ Valentine Art Doll

Greetings!! I'm currently working on two chocolate bunnies for PFATT and a wee Cyrano de Bergerac (Cyrano I plan to list sometime tomorrow night). Today, I listed a re-worked piece that I've loved since her inception but which needed a bit more work (deepening of antique colors and adding some depth to her face). Here's a pic and you can see more on ebay.

The wind is blowing up a storm this evening and it's so nice to lay in bed and listen to it. I cherish the fact that I do get some free time to be lazy and still get to support my family AND create. It's such a delicate balance, but achievable if your expections are reasonable. For now, it's enough.


Kat449 said...

Oh Deb...I just LOVE the newbies...Thanks so much for leaving me thee sweetest comment on my blog. Im so touched & humbled that you came over for a minute.

I thank you also (I think) for the huge inspiration...I took the risk & purchased paper clay!!! NOW WHAT????what waz I thinkin???????but if ya want what ya never had before..ya gotta do what ya never did before....I want to "STAAAARETCH" myself quite a bit more. si I have you and a handfull of other heavy hitting muses out there.
Im so stoked that your finding some balance...embrace it...hope ya get a bajillion bidz for the awesome work youve created.
Blessings & peace, Kat

Kat449 said...

sorry Debs I forgot to mention, Ill be learning how to add you & a host of others on my blog. Im in classes now. Please be patient with me...there...Im done stalking ya! Kat