Wednesday, January 23, 2008

All Fix-ie

I just finished Court Jester in love. You can see him on ebay.

I'm currently working on "The Waiting Room" and my marionette project is still ongoing (gosh darn it those things take a while to make!!).


1caredi said...

This seems to be your best work yet. The detail is phenominal, and I love the comments you make about the characters. Seems to make them practically come to life!

deb wilkinson said...

Thanks DAD . . . but you would love anything I make, you know, cause you're my dad . . . LOVE YOU!

Holiday Queen said...

OH...MY...Gosh!!! I am LOVING this doll!!! Got hop on over to ebay for a closer look. Amazing!

vintagepaletteart said...

Deb....this guy is a real jester an dhe still reminds me of Marty! ;D Your imagination is wonderful! =D

Hugs, *Nana

April said...

Hey there Deb! Love your new piece!