Monday, December 3, 2007

About a week ago Marie (Ordinary Life of a Mom and Blue Print Sketches) tagged me to list 7 weird facts about myself. Okay, here goes . . .

1. I can't eat meat if it looks like what it used to be (i.e., half a roasted chicken, ribs, things with bones in them). You'd think I'd be a lot thinner than I am because of this but I'm not.

2. I can wiggle my ears.

3. I name everything (i.e., my car, my house, my Kitchen Aid mixer, house spiders, house plants, my alarm clock). Regarding the spiders--I am deathly afraid of them and I find that if I give one a name during the time it takes to summon my husband to take the darn thing outside, it adds humor so I can cope.

4. I can't eat popcorn without a licorice chaser.

5. I love, absolutely love, vampire novels, movies, contraband. The more humorous, the better (i.e., author Charlene Harris).

6. I just removed my acrylic nails which I have worn since the 9th grade and discovered that I love the way the inside of my nose feels!

7. Oh gosh, only 7! Okay, and this one is from my husband~not sure how weird it is~I love to watch movies in real time. In other words, if I have the DVD and the movie is on TV, I'd rather watch it on TV with all the commercials.

I'm not sure if anyone actually reads this blog, but I'm going to tag the following:

Joyce Stahl ~ of ~ Enchanted Productions
April Harres ~ of ~ April's Folk Art


Andrea said...

Finally.. I knew most of them. Except 2... I'll have to make you do that for me!

Sam I Am said...

bwwwwwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaah LOL I about sprayed my drink all over the monitor when i read Weird and Wacky No. 6!!!!

silly :)

Robin Armstrong Seeber said...

hahaah... you are hilarious..I got tagged, but most of the people on my blogger list already are tagged, so then what do ya do? make em put up 5 more things??HELP, I am new to this...hahaa..

Brenda said...

Dear Deb.. what a fun girl you are! (Will you be my neighbor?!)
I hadta chuckle at 'hormone imbalance'.. maybe it explains a lot in MY life too, haha...


Mark said...

You're fond of locorice after popcorn. Good choice. I heard that black is better than red.