Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Is it chilly in here or is it just me??

Don't you just love Fall (gosh-is it technically Fall yet)? The leaves are starting to form piles on the ground and the air is so crisp and clean. Got out all my sweaters because I can finally wear them again (layering is so much fun when it's actually cold out and you're still trying to hide that extra 20 lbs or so!). When I go into my studio (aka, the bat cave) all the lights go on (there's a lot-o-lights in there) so that it warms up. It's just too soon to turn on the heater.

I finished up Inez (aka, the SAW mask our caterer here at the office calls her)~she's up on PFATT. Another angel (no name yet) is half done (see pic below). She's not as happy as Inez but she'll make up for it in other ways . . . From out of nowhwere came Queenie of Hearts which I listed on ebay. She's teeny but she's cute.

We're going away for a wee family camping trip to Tehachapi this weekend. I'm hoping to get some sculpting done during down time (aka, time not spent hiking, straightening up everyone's messes or cooking). I've decided that the one who lucks out best during our camping trips is Lucy. She gets to run free, eat all the people food she wants and doesn't have to lift one finger, I mean paw, to clean anything up. Life of Riley man.

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